9-5 Socialite was founded by Jackie Karwacki in the summer of 2018. Frustrated by her lack of occasions to wear eveningwear to, she wanted to create eye-catching pieces that she could wear out in everyday life. Because to her, everyday is worthy of a special occasion.

The brand believes that you really can have it all in life and your wardrobe. Each piece is built from classic sportswear silhouettes but then pushed to the furthest extreme that is guaranteed to have you turning heads everywhere you go, from your desk to the club.

This is clothing made to live your best life in, get started today.

Keep up with Jackie on instagram @9to5socialite and on twitter @9to5socialite.

Business/Sales inquiries: Email Jackie at jackie@9-5socialite.com

PR/Styling inquiries: The Confessional Showroom @the_confessional_showroom_nyc